The Mayor's Asian American Advisory Committee

Board members

     Board of Directors


  • Chair   
    • Jimmy Wong (Fire Inspector)
  • Secretary:
    • Cathy Ko-Downey (retail professional)
  • Treasurer:
    • Sue Chan (Finance Specialist)
  • Members:
    • Betty Wong (Real Estate Specialist)
    • Al Young (Journalist)
    • Betty Yau (Strategic Planner)
    • Jennifer Lo (small business operator)
    • Johnny Chia (IT professional)
    • Michael Quan (hotel business)
    • John Norton (educator)
    • Emily Sum (banking specialist)

Do you think we should keep producing the Eye on Quincy Show or do something else?
If yes, how many times a month you can come help for the Show?
Would you like to join the Committee Board? Requirement: meeting once every 2-3 months.
What is your language skill?
What should be the Committee's goal/ vision and mission?
What do you like to contribute to the community? Other remarks/ comments: