The Mayor's Asian American Advisory Committee

Drop In Center - FREE services

昆士市長亞裔顧問委員會 - (亞顧會) 

Drop-In Center Service (FREE) - 3rd Saturday of every month 
11:00am to NOON

NO LONGER in service  (since Aug 2010)

Services include: inquiries about city government services, community activities, 
rules and regulations of City services, reading of letters, etc. ... PLUS
free service on cancer information and resource referrals,
 (provided by the
Asian American Center for Cancer Education & Research)
at the North Quincy Community Center, 381 Hancock Street, N. Quincy
免費聯誼中心服務 - 每月的第三個星期六開放
歡迎你到臨查詢市府服務, 社區活動, 簡單市政法例等等, 
地點﹕北昆士社區中心 (北昆士圖書館隔鄰)﹑Hancock 381

For further information, 詳情查詢﹕ 617-376-1298

Volunteers interested in donating your time - (one hour a month):
Please call 617-376-1298 or write an email to

- Some social work or community service experience. 
- Chinese/ English bilingual and biliterate preferred.
- Quincy resident preferred but not necessary.

City of Quincy Mayor's Asian-American Advisory Committee
sponsors this community service as a public service to the community.