The Mayor's Asian American Advisory Committee

Mandarin Classes

The Mayor's Asian-American Advisory Committee

Language Bridge in Quincy 2010

Mandarin Chinese courses
Registration begins NOW.
(Dates: to be determined)
SIX Saturdays

Why Learn Chinese?

- Knowledge of the Chinese language opens up the culture of one of the world's oldest civilizations.

- Chinese is the language of nearly 1/4 of the world's population

- The People's Republic of China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and a potentially biggest global market in the 21st century.

- Last but not least, it is not as hard as you think.

Students’ comments: 

“ I really enjoyed this class and appreciated the teacher and assistants. I also loved the inclusion of the cultural pieces.”

“ very enjoyable and informative. I hope the classes will continue in the fall.”

“ Shi Xian is such a patient, caring instructor. I can see people’s appreciation and willingness to learn the language. This course is Fantastic and should continue.”

“I felt we started off slow but then we did start learning more after the first few weeks. I feel we need to concentrate more on just learning the basics in the short time we have.”

“ I really enjoyed this class and would hope it is continued. I am glad to have met you all, xie xie.”



     -    Course A - beginner level for native English speakers 
          who have no or very little Chinese language background 
          (to learn how to read and write some characters and conduct simple conversation.)
     -    Course B - intermediate level (pre-requesite:  
          completed beginner's level, 
either with Ms. ShiXian Sheng or at other places.)

    * Courses are so designed that 
    students from Course A and B will meet up to practice the language together. 

Course dates:   

Dates: to be determined 
(Six Saturdays)


N. Quincy Community Center 
381 Hancock St, N. Quincy)


Course A  –  9:30am to 11:00am*

Course B  –  10:45am* to 12:15pm

(per course for

 6 classes)

Quincy City Employees - $50

Individuals who work or live in Quincy - $60

All others - $70
Previous Students - 30% discount

             A minimum of 7 students is required for a course to be started. (10 maximum)

For more INFO: Call Betty Yau at 617-376-1298 or email
(Teacher - Ms. MuChing Gu, a native Mandarin speaker, experienced in teaching.)

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Sign up NOW. Class size is limited!
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