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Asian American Center for Cancer Education and Research

The Boston Foundation award (2001 - 2002):
During 2000 and 2001, a group of volunteers at Tufts-NEMC and Amy Law, MD of the hematolgy/oncology clinic started a cancer awareness and prevention campaign. Several educational workshops were organized at the Medical Center and were well attended. Build on from the success, Dr. Amy Law applied a grant at Boston Foundation to better plan activities and to develop the volunteer efforts into an organization. 

In 2002, the Boston Foundation awarded the group an one-year program to continue the efforts. The grant was awarded to The Cancer Center which oversees the development of the program.
A project administartor was hired. 

During the 1st year with funding support from Boston Foundation, the group was able to develop a training curriculum, the Cancer 123 Program. This three-part training was offered to the community service providers in the neighborhood. Over 30 community service providers, primarily bilingual in Chinese/English participated. Among all attendees, twelve completed the entire curriculum. In addition, three public events were held to reach out to the general public.

AACCER formed (2002 -2003)
Onto the second year, the project lost support from the Boston Foundation. Fortunately, funding from the Fitzgerald foundation kept the program going. Learned from the first year experience, the project focuses became clear. The Project was officially named by Edward (Ned) Sternick, PhD to:
Asian American Center for Cancer Education and Reserach (AACCER) 
Barbara Bond, EdD and nurse practitioner, Marybeth Singer, are the driving forces behind the Project. While working at the Breast Health Center at Tufts-NEMC, Dr. Bond and Lan Neighm of the Vietnamese American Civic Assoication started a pilot project on breast cancer screening in 2001 for Vietnamese women. Due to overwhelming responses, Dr. Bond volunteered to seek grant support to carry on the mission. The pilot program was able to have an official start in 2002. ...

Asian Women's Cancer Project web site, click HERE.

AACCER rekindled in 2007

Under the leadership of Andrea Talis, PhD at the Tufts-NEMC Cancer Center, a Steering Committee for Community Partnerships and the Elimination of Health Disparities (CPEHD) has been formed. New initiatives have been proposed. To learn more about AACCER, please click: About us.

  • Completed 8 focus groups for the Social Research on Cancer Concerns in the Chinese community (Jan 26; Mar 15; Apr 5; Jun 21; July 12; Aug 9 & Aug 16 - 2008)
  • FREE Breast Cancer Screening (from 2001 to 2007)
  • Patient Navigator Tranining Program (2006 - 2007) 
  • AACCER newsletter
    • Vol. 1,  #1 - feature article: Asian Cancer Education Project
    • Vol. 1, #2 - feature article - Cancer Information on the Internet
    • Vol.1, #3 - feature article: Cam Neely and the Neely Center
    • Vol. 1,  #4 - feature article: The interpreter's Services at Tufts-NEMC
    • Vol. 1, #5 - feature article: Asain Women's Cancer Project
    • (NEW) Vol 2, #1 - Patient Navigator Training Program
  • Asian Cancer Health Fairs at the atrium lobby at Tufts-NEMC
    • August 18, 2002
    • Novemeber 17, 2002
    • August 17, 2003
    • September, 2005
  • Cancer Education and Cultural Training Institute
    • Cancer 1,2,3 - Part 1 (June 11, 2002)
    • Cancer 1,2,3 - Part 2 (October 10, 2002)
    • Cancer 1,2,3 - Part 3 (December 12, 2002)
  • Tai Chi Class
  • Computer Class