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Meeting minutes (& updates) for Aug 15, 2009 – Saturday:
Attendees : John Downey, Betty Yau, Jimmy Wong, May Chan, Frank Chan, Kaili Xu, Tinney Yang, ChuTze Chou, Sarah Sun, Judith Heller, Ankur Tandon

Mandarin Classes
- Language Bridge Project
Ms. ShiXian Sheng came back from China just in time for the classes. Two Mandarin classes were started on Sept 5. Enrollment for the English speaker class is eight while the Cantonese speaker class has 4 students. Teacher's Assistants include LiJun Lee, Wendy Cheng and Sarah Sun.

Committee Brochure
- finalized and printed!
There are two versions: Chinese and English. Please see attached PDF file for details.
TV project - Eye on Quincy (The first LIVE Cantonese TV talk show in Quincy.)
With support from QATV, Quincy 2000 and Mayor Tom Koch, the premier broadcast date of the TV show is set to Sept 21, 2009, one day before the preliminary election. Show time is 7pm to 7:30pm. It is in a LIVE talk format in Cantonese in its entirety. Topics include city affairs as well as Asian affairs. A caller’s hot line will be available during the Show to engage community dialogue. The first show will cover information about the preliminary election to be held on Sept. 22 and the H1N1 virus. The regular schedule of the LIVE Show is every 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month from 7pm to 7:30pm on Channel 8 on QATV. 
To join us in the production, please contact Betty Yau at 617-376-1298 or
Thanks to the dedication of a 9-member crew to make this bold attempt possible:
Juliana Yu, Elin Mok, Jimmy Wong, Ada Lam, Melissa Li, Patrick Ki, Christine Diep, May Wong and Betty Yau

August Moon Festival
- August 23, 2009 by QARI
Everything went well. Joining us in the 4 table information display were: the Quincy Human Rights Commission, the Recycling Committee, the Election Department and the Constituent Services of the City of Quincy. A Chinese/English bilingual service handbook developed by the Mayor's office had been handed out. It became a very popular item. We received requests from the Thomas Crane Library and the Quincy Housing Authority for more supplies of the materials. The August Moon Festival was very successful. It was well run as always by the Quincy Asian Resources Inc. (QARI).   

Election/ Voter registration/ Voting:
A candidates list for the city election 2009 had been prepared by the City Clerk, Joe Shea's Office. Please see the enclosed PDF file for details. The list clearly indicates all important information about the upcoming preliminary election on 9/22 and the final election on 11/3.   

Asian Landlord Association
Attorney Judith Heller came to introduce us the Asian Landlord Association. She started the Association in response to the needs in the community. She had been receiving many positive responses for her efforts. Many of us agreed that the issues facing landlords are as important as those facing the tenants. We are willing to provide our support to address needs in this regards. To learn more about the Asian Landlord Association, you may contact Attorney Heller directly:    

Respectfully submitted
Betty Yau
Mayor's Asian American Advisory Committee - City of Quincy
Mayor's Office


Meeting notes for meeting on 4/18/2009.

Attendees: Jimmy Wong, Frank Chan, Betty Yau, Victor Ng, May Chan, Jun Tan, Natalie Ho and Kelly Xu

Meeting was called to order at 10:15am by chairman, Jimmy Wong.

The meeting minutes for 3/21/2009 were not reviewed for it was not ready.

Quincy Center Revitalization Plan Presentation for 4/23/2009:

Interpreters were hired. Headsets/transmitters will be picked up at offices of the New Bostonian’s and the Chinese Progressive Association. Fliers were sent out via direct mails and e-mails. Announcements were sent to all eight Chinese newspapers in Boston. Information on were updated.

C-Mart public hearing - May 4:

One of our roles is to inform the community on community news. The C-Mart public hearing has been a great concern for many. We have tracked the dates. Next hearing was continued to May 4. The main issue discussed was about traffic concerns. A vote on May 4 from the City Council on the matter was expected. 

Also, during the public hearing on April 6, a letter from Super 88 was read which stated that the Supermarket will begin renovation and will re-open afterwards.

Illegal rooming regulations, fire safety and public health awareness:

Jun Tan and Natalie Ho came to ask about illegal rooming regulations. We were able to provide them the information we know. We encouraged landlords and tenants to bear in mind that safety is very important. We support the Building Dept., the Health Dept., the Police Dept. as well as the Constituent Services to continue working together to inform and to educate residents about conditions and issues. 

Mandarin Classes:

10 students signed up for Course A. Course B was canceled due to low enrollment.
The teacher ShiXian Sheng has been working with the volunteer teaching assistant, Wendy Cheng and Betty Yau to develop a curriculum. The classes will begin on May 2 as scheduled.  

Suggestion: community service hour
Betty Yau suggested to add a community service hour after our monthly meeting to better utilize our time and commitment. All agreed to begin the Service in May. So at our next meeting on May 16, the first hour is for Committee meeting. The second hour is dedicated to provide community service to anyone that may have questions about city hall services, rules and regulations, ... and perhaps assistance in reading of letters, etc. 

Other businesses:
20th Cleaner Greener Quincy
We joined forces with the State Street Chinese Professional Network to form an Asian Volunteer Team to participate in this great event in the City. The team will meet at the Pond Street Skate Park at 9:30am on May 2. For more information, please click:

Next meeting:

Sat., May 16, 2009, 10:00am 

at N. Quincy Community Center,

381 Hancock St., N. Quincy

next to the N. Quincy Thomas Crane Library

Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Yau