Mini Asian Job Fairs - 2007 (QUINCY)
Recruiter's Packages
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Date/ Time
Sat., Feb 10, 2007
10a - 12p
MetLife (MetLife exclusive)
- guest recruiter: Quincy Medical Center
400 Crown Colony Dr., Quincy Center
Sat., Mar 10, 2007
10a - 12p
Quincy College
34 Coddington St., Quincy Center
Sat., Apr 14, 2007
10a - 12p
Thomas Crane Library - Quincy Ctr.
40 Washington St., Quincy Center
Coordinated by Yau's Marketing Services (617-770-3310)
Recruiter's Packages:
Resume Box - (covers a resume box and a company sign)
Table - (covers a rectangular table, 2 chairs and a company sign)
To sign up: Please fill out form completely, then press the submit button.

Please check one for Apr. 14, 2007:$70 (Resume Box)
$90 (Table - any size non-profit/ small business with 10 or less employees)
$120 (Table - Corporate rate - company with more than 10 employees)
Company/ Organization:
Contact Person:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:

Please mail and make check payable to:
Yau's Marketing Services
110 West Squantum St., Quincy, MA 02171 
It is 70% refundable if we receive a written notification 10 days prior to the Job Fair you sign up for. 
Yau's Marketing Services -  110 W. Squantum St., Quincy, MA 02171; T: 617-770-3310; F: 617-472-2574