recap of our meeting taken place at the city hall,
saturday, february 16, 2008, 100 pm

attendee : betty yau, may chan, kevin to, dora chung, jimmy wong, john downey, and myself, cathy ko-downey
special guest: chris walker

there had been many topics discussed:

1.   re-appointment of members as of now has finalized:
co-chairman, john downey, dora chung, and jimmy wong
secretary, cathy ko-downey
community relations, may chan, and john norton

2.   selected candidates for the zoning task force :   
jimmy wong, dora chung (alternate), cathy ko-downey (alternate)

designation of candidate had been requested by tom koch to start the first asian initiation to join the task force, which requires attending all meetings which does take place every tuesday at 630 pm.   some zoning projects had been postponed, due to elections, will need to be reviewed by the zoning board. so, the resposibility of attending these meetings is quite crucial to show how serious tom koch is initiating his fellow asians to join AND BECOME A MEMBER, eventually, to some of his other important committees.

3.   a proposal of an open house - many of us had experienced a sudden interruption of many concerned residents, expressing a long overdue problems that had arised from the lack of governments support, meaning no response from the hotline facility, unable to get assistance from public works, etc. with the help from betty yau, who will be responsible to organize a relationship chart to diagrammed the importance of all asian businesses and organizations, alike. 

there are many more, that we need to acknowledge.  with this chart, this will help all of us, whose responsibility is that we need to keep tom koch updated on the asian's who's who. in addition, we will be able to analyze any situations and how to assist the needs of the public in a more professional and diplomatic way.

4.   follow-up on NQHS chinese new year, thank you all for showing up timely at 10 am. thanking betty yau, john downey, dora chung, jimmy wong, may chan, kevin to, and especially, yin leung to appear for the announcement of our committee.

the presence of tom koch to appear at the event is a good sign that he will be there when we need him. betty was very kind to introduce me to many of her contacts to start our networking.  i hope this interaction will bring all to a good and meaningful relationship among the asian-americans.

this concludes the meeting of 2/16/08.  next meeting - march 1, 2008, saturday, 100 pm

we need to help betty yau with her assignment of developing more contacts into the chart.  so, any of you cul's and cya's, get all of your business card files out and start sorting for all the connections you know well. 

let's do it gang!!!!!