mtg. minutes 2/14/2009

Meeting notes for meeting on 2/14/2009.
Attendees: Jimmy Wong, Frank Chan, Dan Hurley, Betty Yau, Tony Traino and James Luo
Meeting was called to order at 10:15am by chairman, Jimmy Wong.

The meeting minutes for 1/17/2009 were reviewed and accepted.

Update on Asian Body Work:
James Luo tells us that the Massachusetts State now takes care of all massage licensure matters. All other Asian Body Work matters are the businesses of the cities and towns. James has been following the news about the Asian Body Work regulations and licensure matters in Quincy. He has not heard of any new plan yet. He will keep calling the Clerk’s office and the Health Dept. for updates. Also, he reminds us that if anyone knows of any suspicious or indecent business in any Asian body-work or massage establishment, as good citizens, we should report it to the Police or the Health Dept.

Zoning Task Force:
Jimmy Wong who represents us in the Zoning Task Force reports that the Task Force will hold a public hearing on zoning matter in the community. There are many issues associated with zoning which generate a lot of discussions. The Task Force is working on finding solutions. In the Asian community, lodging house use in single families is particularly in concern. We would like to make a suggestion to QARI, QCAP and/or other organizations about providing workshop on these issues.

Tony Traino of Quincy Rehab. and Dan Hurley of Lydon Funeral Home offer us office space for meetings. We thank them for their generosity and will consider the offer when needed.

Fund raising needs:
N. Quincy Community Center is in need of support to replace printer ink. We had a discussion about how we may help. Dan Hurley suggests that we could ask the Mayor’s campaign fund for donation. James Luo suggests his students to provide free massage for a fund raising activity. The Committee however does not intend to register as a 501C organization to receive grant or to handle money, so we should not plan on any fund raising activity now or in the near future. We will find ways to help the N. Quincy Community Center to raise the small fund, about $50.

The massage school James Luo teaches at is now offering bilingual (Mandarin/English) massage classes. It is first of its kind. For more information, please contact James at 617-953-6377 or 

Next meeting:
Sat., Mar. 21, 2009, 10:00am 
at N. Quincy Community Center,
381 Hancock St., N. Quincy
next to the N. Quincy Thomas Crane Library
Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.

Respectfully submitted,
Betty Yau