mtg. minutes 1/31/2008

Meeting notes recap for 2/6/2008
- union congregation church, thursday, february 6, 2008,  700 pm

attendees: betty yau, dora chung, john downey, and cathy ko-downey
first time attendee:  john norton, newly initiated to the committee

the agenda previously discussed topics to update new attendee from last meeting, january 5, 2008

1.   rumor control of tom koch- newspaper press releases to honour and welcome the new year addressed by the mayor, himself, and, to announce the establishment of the new asian advisory committee, a newly established team, that will show a very strong support that he is concerned and very appreciative person who cares about all of his asian residents.

2.   create a list of any bios of each member. a simple bio that will be
appropriately used for all medias, as follows:  may chan, kevin to, yin leung, jimmy wong, karen lam, wing sang koo, john downey, dora chung, john norton, and myself, cathy ko-downey

3.   general discussions concerning the updating and any additions to include, if any, infos to be in the formality of creating/developing our own committee's website and to be part of our future involvement with QATV, as part of the community awareness program.  in english as well as chinese.

in addition to the follow-up, other topics had been mentioned:

1.   the informal welcoming and initiation of john norton, who expresses how eager and excited he is to come on board with our new updated version title, "quincy asian-american advisory group for the mayor"

2.   the overall review of the city hall's current status with each and every department, that the newly-elected mayor will need to focus and to familiarise himself for the next few months to come.   any progression of each department will take time before any serious commitments or decisions can be made.  it is highly stipulated that patience is the ingredient to assure that no drastic changes nor irrational decisions will be made beforehand.

3.   a review of our future meetings, it is rather difficult for all members to attend the thursday evening meetings. so, an optional proposal of thursday late evening, 700 pm, 2 times a month, or 1(one) saturday, 100 pm and 1(one) thursday evening, 700 pm, retrospectively.

next meeting planned: suggested meeting, saturday, february 16, 2008, prior to NQHS chinese new year event.

agenda to be discussed:   arrangement for all members to be present for the public announcement of our committee

this concludes my notes. any other comments or forgotten subjects, please let me

cathy ko-downey, secretary
Please note that during last evening's meeting, we changed our Sat. meeting schedule to Thursday evenings. 

Upcoming schedule is as follows:
Next meeting: Thursday, Feb 21 at 6:45pm at the Church in Rawson Rd, Wollaston
the one after: Thursday evening, March 6, maybe at Sacred Heart Church
third mtg.: Thursday evening, March 20 at the Church in Rawson Rd., Wollaston

This will keep our 2 times a month schedule for the 1st quarter of 2008. Confirmation and reminder will be sent out later.

At last night's mtg.,

- John Norton joined us and accepted the nomination for the work on community relations.

We talked about 

the draft press release:  
- I will submit our draft to Chris Walker on Monday, 2/4/08 for him to work on a final and approved copy. The press release will be sent out to the English media as well as to the 8 Chinese Newspapers in town. (Please see attached file for the draft. Review and make changes before Monday, 2/4/08.) 

the Lunar New Year celebration on Sun., 2/17/08
- Mayor Koch will attend the QARI Lunar New Year at N. Quincy High. We will find out when he will be there. We will accompany him. At his address to the audience, we would like to suggest that he would say a New Year greetings, thank the voters and announce that under his leadership, our group "Quincy Asian American Advisory Committee to the Mayor" is formed. Please make yourself available at the event so he may introduce us. The member list of our group is as follows, (also listed on the attachment).

(all long-time Quincy residents and active members in the election campaign:)
- Dora Chung, Collector
- John Downey, Attorney at law
- Yin Leung, Health Care worker
- Cathy Ko-Downey, Insurance Business Professional
- Kevin To, Business owner
Community relations:
- John Norton, retired school teacher
- Jimmy Wong, firefighter
- May Chan, Restaurant owner 
- Wang Sang Koo, Restaurant Business
- Karen Lam, Health Care Worker
- Betty Yau, consitituent service

Next Steps:
- We would like to ask support from the City Hall to build our capacity to receive feedbacks in the community. (We will need an email account, a voice mail answering service and an assigned staff from City Hall ...)
- We will work on a mission/vision statement and some task ideas in the next month. We plan to invite the Mayor to join us on the March 6 meeting. We will share our plans/ideas with him. 

Next meeting: Thursday, Feb 21, 2008 at 6:45pm at the Church in Rawson Road
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Betty Yau
on behalf of Cathy Ko-Downey, Secretary