Mtg. Minutes for meeting on 12/15/2007

Meeting Minutes for meeting on 12/15/2007
Attended: Cathy Ko Downey, Kevin To, Yin Leung, Mr. Leung, John Downey, Jimmy Wong, Dora Chung, Betty Yau, May Chan 
We had a discussion about the urgency of a Chinese/English or multilingual 911 dispatch service. Suggestions for a 800 hot line and a service coordinator were brought up. We talked about many other service gaps, such as linguistic and culturally appropriate education programs and services on civic education, on domestic violence, immigration/legal issues, good neighbor manners ... etc. We also talked about the work force readiness in the Chinese community. Many good suggestions were raised. Potential problem areas were mentioned. We also expressed our willingness to work together to learn more about the needs in the community and are committed to provide assistance to the new administration to tackle issues. 
Here's a list of things we said we would do: 
1. to start building communication with the constituent services: 
We know that John Chen is the Asian Liaison. We would like to learn about the work scope of his job as well as the services in the constituent office. A meeting with the constituent service officers was suggested. 
2. the Good Neighbor booklet: 
Many of us know of the Good Neighbor booklet. We all agree the intention to publish a booklet as such is great; however, the content of the Chinese portion particularly can be revised and upgraded. Some of us are willing to review the booklet and work with the Constituent office to create a better quality and easier accessible booklet. 
3. to help start creating a communication platform 
We are all aware that although the City has hired bilingual staff, there is still a missing link between the City Hall and the Chinese community. We talked about the need to develop a bilingual newsletter, a web site and/or a program on QATV ... etc. The purpose is to create a medium that is informative, immediate and interactive. 
We are also concerned about the quality of services. We hope that an evaluation program is in place so that we can work to review and to improve the bilingual capacity and the services. 
It is going to be a lot of work. But we are optimistic that we will work well with the new administration to make Quincy a better place. 
Next meeting agenda: 
- follow up discussions of the above 
Meeting adjourned with laughter and joy at 2:30pm. 
Respectfully submitted, 
Betty Yau