Mtg. Minutes - 11/17/2007

Meeting Minutes for meeting on 11/17/2007

1. Suggestion to the New Administration to write a press release to:
- acknowledge participation of Asian voters in the elections
- acknowledge contribution from all groups for raising awareness about voting, Asian voting issues in particular
(purpose: to take a leadership role to "unite" all Asian efforts.)
2. Next step:
A Chinese/Asian advisory committee is to be formed. (basic members: the Chinese campaign members that have been meeting regularly during the past few months. Additional members will be invited to reflect the broader spectrum of the community)
- to group together Asian/Chinese from different segments representing the community
- in a group effort, to learn together about the current services for Asians
- to help identify untapped resources that can be developed or are available
- to give suggestion to the new administration about services gaps, improvement and/or new initiatives corresponding to the needs.

3. Chinese name of the Mayor Elect
"Names" are usually translated phonetically. There is still no standard Chinese name for "Tom KOCH". 
- Keep the English name and not using any Chinese name.
- Work out one standard Chinese name and inform all Chinese media.
- other better options ... etc.

4. Next meeting
Sat., Dec 15, 2007 at 1pm at the headquarters
(John Downey will check if the headquarters will be open.)