Asian Business Survey 2010

We thank you in advance for completing the survey.
Your Business Name:
When was your business started in Quincy?
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In the blanks, please write down
your estimation of the % of your customers that are:
1.) Quincy resident (%)
2.) Asian (%)
3.) <20 years old (%)
4.) 20-30 (%)
5.) 30-50 (%)
6.) 50-65 (%)
7.) over 65 (%)
8.) English only (%)
9.) Bilingual
Cantonese/English (%)
      Mandarin/ English (%)
Vietnamese/ English (%)
Other Asian language/ English (%)
10.) Non-English speaking:


Cantonese speaking only (%)
Mandarin speaking only (%)
Vietnamese speaking only (%)
Other Asian language (%)
11.) Would you like to increase your non-Asian client base?
12.) Would you be interested in participating in an initiative that could potentially
bring more non-Asian clients to your business?
13.) Would you be willing to help financially support an initiative such as this?
14.) What type of assistance or service would you want to see offered by
Quincy Chamber of Commerce? (Please check all that apply)
Business Seminars & Workshops
Reduced Health Insurance & Advertising Rates
Service Assisatnce (license application, zoning matters, etc. ...)
15.) What is the best day and time for you to attend a Quincy Chamber of
Commerce event/ program? (Day & Time)
16.) Please give 3 reasons or benefits for doing business in Quincy:
17.) Please give 3 difficulties or detriments for doing business in Quincy: