3/15/08 and 4/12/08 Meeting Notes

APRIL 12, 2008  Saturday, 10 am, quincy city hall, 2nd floor

attendees: betty yau, john downey, cathy ko-downey, may chan, and jimmy wong

topics discussed:

1) month of may events line-up - asian heritage,/greener, cleaner quincy/ qari fundraiser/quincy asian proclamation.  may 3, saturday, 9-12noon at the quincy north high school to clean up all trash and litters. bbq for all volunteers, afterwards. may 30th, friday, qari fundraiser, details to be discussed later. quincy asian proclamation has been postponed, details concerning purpose of the proclamation shall be discussed at the next meeting, proposed for may 17, saturday, 10 am.

2) a brief discussion concerning the united chinese federation, who had brought the attention of the committee to view their opinions to clarify any questionable report claiming any illegal activities. so far, there had been no claims of having made any such reports.

3) zoning task force/zoning appeal/drug task force - preliminary draft had been undertaken to concentrate on the multiple family housing, maintaining the eloquence and beauty of the land and environment, while keeping properties clean, tidy and free of unsightly personal properties. a futuristic energy-saving project is in progress for discussion to consider for the city of quincy.  a proposal to seek new asian members to be added to the drug task force and a zoning appeal committee. all inquiries or interest to become members will be sought.

this concludes the meeting, should any subject(s) be forgotten, please add on. 
by Cathy Ko-Downey

march 15, 2008, saturday, 100 pm, quincy city hall, 2nd floor

attendees: betty yau, john downey, may chan, kevin to, jimmy wong, dora chung, cathy ko-downey,chris walker


1. newly-appointed draft committee: several intellectual members had been selected to look into the complexity of the state's and city's latest changes in the therapeutic massage licensing requirements. few sensitive issues had been brought up to the attention of the new draft committee, who must re-open some cases, analyse and make any careful considerations without any prejudice or favoritism from all parties involved in the previous decision-making process, that may have or may not have been rejected. the draft committee will not decide on the actual facts nor insist what the consequences will be as a result. it will be reviewed for suggestions that will be presented to the proper department.(health dept.)

other comment, apart from the above issues, it is decided that the advisory committee will hold an emergency meeting, should any critical issue be brought up on short notice. all members will be notified.

2. with a growing list of invitational requests for our newly-appointed mayor to appear at so many different functions, it is difficult for all the members to know of each and every events the mayor attends. the advisory committee has proposed a public announcement/itiniery of his scheduled events to inform our asian audiences. the committee hopes this will show the asian community, how personable, always smiling, and charismatic our mayor is!

announcements will include: opening of new businesses, ground digging of new constructions, presentation of special awards, quincy beauty contests?, etc. any requests for the presence of the mayor, will be subject to screening by the appropriate party before any decision can be made.

this concludes our meeting, should anything be missed, please advise.

cathy ko-downey, secretary