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City of Quincy - Election Results - (Nov. 8, 2005)

William J. Phelan  - 9,545 Votes

3 Councillor-At-Large Seats:
Joseph G. Finn - 8,540 Votes
John F. Keenan - 7,940 Votes
Michael E. McFarland - 7,512 Votes

3 School Committee Seats
Anne M. Mahoney - 6,751 Votes
Kevin W. Mulvey - 5,542 Votes
James S. Timmins - 5,480 Votes

Ward 1 Councilor Seat: Leo J. Kelly - 1,872 Votes
Ward 2 Councilor Seat: Daniel G. Raymondi - 1,503 Votes
Ward 3 Councilor Seat: Kevin F. Coughlin - 1,771 Votes
Ward 4 Councilor Seat: James H Davis III - 1,239 Votes
Ward 5 Councilor Seat: Douglas S. Gutro - 2,003 Votes
Ward 6 Councilor Seat: Brian McNamee - 1,559 Votes

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City of Boston - Election Results - (Nov. 8, 2005)
Mayor: Thomas M. Menino 67.5%

City Council At Large (Top four elected to council.):
Michael F. Flaherty - 17.6%
Felix D. Arroyo - 15.6%
Sam Yoon - 15.0%
Stephen J. Murphy - 12.7%

Source: Boston Election Department

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Posted: Nov 9, 2005 (WJDA Radio - 617-479-1300)

A tight race for Quincy school committee.  The top vote getter in yesterday's election was Anne Mahoney.  Kevin Mulvey finished second while Jim Timmons beat Celeste Mcglone by 173 votes to win the final seat.  In the city council at-large race, incumbent Joe Finn finished first while incumbent John Keenan placed second and former school committee member Mike McFarland took the final seat.  In ward 6, Brian McNamee was more than 300 votes better than Mark Bracket.  Voter turnout was 25%.


Posted: Nov 8, 2005 (WJDA Radio - 617-479-1300)

Low voter turnout is expected for today's elections in Quincy.  In Quincy, five people are running for three city council at-large seats.  There is only one contested ward race, and that is in ward 6, and six people are vying for three seats on the school committee.  Mayor Phelan has no formal opponent on the ballot but will be opposed by Charles Denehy who is running on a sticker campaign.  City Clerk Joe Shea expects a 22 percent voter turnout.


Posted: July 27, 2005 (WJDA Radio - 617-479-1300)

Quincy Mayor William Phelan will will not have a challenger in this fall's election.  Yesterday was the deadline to return nomination papers.  Three people took out papers for mayor but no one returned them.  Twelve people are running for school committee; three incumbents- Joanne Bragg, Ron Mariano and Mike McFarland- are not running for re-election.  McFarland is one of five candidates for an at-large city council seat.  Ward 6 Councilor Alicia Gardner announced yesterday that she will not run for re-election because her husband has been diagnosed with a serious heart problem.  Mark Bracken and Brian McNamee are running for that seat.  The other five ward councilors will run unopposed.

Posted: July 26, 2005 (WJDA Radio - 617-479-1300)

Quincy - Alicia Gardener will not run for re-election as Ward 6 Councilor in Quincy. In a statement released today, Gardener says the reason is her husband was recently diagnosed with a serious heart ailment that will require a lengthy treatment and recovery period. The deadlien to submit papers to run in this year's election is 5pm today.


Posted: July 7, 2005 (WJDA Radio - 617-479-1300)

Another veteran Quincy school committee member calling it quits.
There will be plenty of open seats on the Quincy school committee this fall.  State Rep Ron Mariano says he will not run for a fifth term.  Mariano joins Joanne Bragg and Mike McFarland in announcing they will not run for re-election.  Mariano has been a member of the school committee for 16 years.  He says his increased duties on Beacon Hill were a major reason for his decision.  Currently, nine people have taken out nomination papers for the school committee.  They must be returned by July 26th.
Posted June 22, 2005 (WJDA Radio - 617-479-1300)
Mayor Phelan will announce his running for re-election
Quincy Mayor William Phelan will announce his future plans next week. He plans to make the announcement June 29th at the Quincy Yacht Club in Hough's Neck.  All indications are that Phelan will run for re-election. Yesterday during his weekly press briefing, he shot down a rumor that he was entertaining a run at lieutenant governor next year.
Posted: June 10, 2005 (Quincy Sun - 617-471-3100)
Free Rides for Ward Incumbents?
As of mid-week of this week, the six incumbents - Leo Kelly, Dan Raymondi, Kevin Coughlin, Jay Davis, Doug Gutro and Alicia Gardner - don't have an opponent in sight. That could change. The deadline to take out filing nomination papers is July 26.
Posted: May 26, 2005 (WJDA 617-479-1300)
A veteran member of the Quincy school committee is calling it quits.  After 12 years on the board, Joanne Bragg tells us she will not run for re-election.  She says her decision was based on added demands at work and on the increased needs of her family.  Bragg has served in various roles during her time on the committee.
Posted: May, 2005 (source: Quincy Sun - 617-471-3100)
School Committee Vice Chariman Michael McFarland is leaving to run for the city councillor at-large seat Frank McCauley is leaving to retire.
Three candidates have taken out nomination papers
for the vacant school committee seat:
- David Smith of Muirhead St., a teacher
- Atty. Kathryn Hobin of Weymouth St.
- Robert Haley of Victoria Rd., former vice president of the Quincy Taxpayers Association.
Kevin Coughlin, Ward 3 Councillor
Doug Gutro, Ward 5 Councillor
Leo Kelly, Ward 1 Councillor
Alicia Gardner, Ward 6 Councillor
already have nomination papers for re-election to their ward seats.
Joe Finn has taken out nomination papers for re-election to councillor at-large.  
Posted: March 10, 2005 (WJDA Radio - 617-479-1300)
Gutro is running for a third term
Ward 5 Quincy city councilor Doug Gutro is running for a third term.  In announcing his re-election campaign, Gutro tells WJDA that he loves the job and that there are a number of projects he wants to work on, including improving the city's financial condition and seeing through the Wollaston Beach improvements.